“Elisa was someone who I’d never met. Why do I feel like I’ve just lost a friend, a sister, someone that I genuinely cared about?” — John Sobhani, Crime Scene: Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

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I won’t think about it for months or even years. But every so often, I find myself drawn back to The Video. I feel a bit silly linking to it. Most reading this will know the one I mean.

People disappear all the time. The Cecil/Stay on Main Hotel has a dark past riddled with drugs, murders, and suicides. Renowned serial killers have made it…

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Loneliness is an epidemic — some claim it is a result of modern society with its technology and apps, but I would argue that it has been a problem since the beginning of humans. When we come into the world, we separate from our mothers. We think and feel apart from others. We have our own inner worlds and problems.

It is not being lonely in the sense that there is nobody around to talk to, but that even if there are people around who love us, they can unknowingly reinforce our loneliness. Some of us are not as likely…

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Hosting on Airbnb is great if you are looking for side income and you have some spare room in your home. I went to live with my husband once we married but did not feel ready to sell my home yet, so I decided to list it on Airbnb. Now I get the best of both worlds — I live with my husband, but I don’t leave my home vacant. I go back to clean and check on it occasionally.

I can honestly say I have had mostly good experiences as an Airbnb host. Some stays have been a little…

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My husband and I both bought houses just before we met. Had we known what was coming, one of us probably would have made a different decision. Neither of us had a crystal ball, but we are making the best of where we are now. Whenever we have to explain our living situation to people, there is always a moment of silence and bewilderment while they try to wrap their minds around it.

They ask me, the wife who by default is supposed to give everything up, “Oh… so, are you renting your house out to someone right now? Do…

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My Beloved,

Yes, I know that is a strong and perhaps dramatic way to start this letter. It may sound like something from a romance novel, but I do like to read, and it is how I feel about you. I am not always great at communicating how I feel with spoken words. When I write, however, it is a different story… no pun intended.

I cannot tell you how much I wish I could be more like you. I watch how you get along with others, seeming effortless. I notice how easily you elicit smiles and laughter from those…

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A few months ago, I decided to seek treatment for anxiety. My symptoms were getting in the way of my ability to do my job, especially when I had to do public speaking. When I was going through this, I did not realize I was having symptoms of anxiety, but I will speak more on that later.

I had thought I had trust issues that prevented me from relaxing around new people and believed myself socially awkward. The inability to organize racing thoughts and shortness of breath during a conference call told me otherwise.

I scheduled a telehealth appointment with…

I have been listening to Teal Swan’s YouTube channel occasionally for the last several years. A few days ago, I decided to check it for the first time in many months and came across her video on millennials. While I did not agree with every word of it, it was an interesting perspective. Intrigued, I happened upon Reddit when looking for her blog and found some posts talking about how “unhinged” she is, how she is a cult leader.

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If I had been listening to a cult leader, I wanted to know. I took to Google to delve further into…

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On Sunday, I went to my fiancé’s to spend Father’s Day with his family. Along the way, I decided to stop at Starbucks for an iced coffee for the road.

Ever since my Starbucks reopened after shutting down due to COVID, the drive-thru line has been ever-present. On Sunday, it didn’t seem so bad. I noticed a red Jeep a little ways away from the line. The driver seemed to be waiting in the parking space for someone to come out of the Chipotle next door. …

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I work hard for my earnings and position (and the return is generous, hence my reluctance to find another job), but I would not call it an honest living.

I have to be someone I am not to make it.

I have to be a confident person. I have to talk on the phone and lead presentations. I have to be an eager problem-solver. I have to be a supportive shoulder to lean on when someone is having a bad day because their system is not working as it is supposed to.

Public speaking gives me major anxiety and always…

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The Dreaded Skype Ding

Ah, work… can’t live with it, can’t live without it. At least, if you are here, I am guessing you are not entirely satisfied with your job. If you identify as an HSP, a Highly Sensitive Person, you find it difficult to thrive in a place that abounds with stress and noise. A note for those new to the term: being highly sensitive does not mean getting offended by everything or being a “snowflake.” It means that quiet, calm, and alone time to process are essential to one’s well-being. …

Heidi Hendricks

I am passionate about storytelling, spirituality, and music. “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” — John Lennon

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